Step 1: Understand the Requirement.

I don’t move any pixel from my design tool unless i’ve fully understand the requirement and what the client needs are; who’s it for, what’s it for, the problem it solves and all whatever there is and whatnots.


Step 2: Define, research and specify.

I always define and plan for a research phase. Create use cases and update task flows. This is to translate needs and requirements into a list of clear specifications.

Step 3: Wireframing and Design.

I create UX workflows, wireframes and fully colored design screens. I tend to use tools such as balsamiq but a good old ballpoint pen and some printable wireframes does the job, and it’s fun! For the screens, Adobe Photoshop CC is my bestfriend.


Step 4: Prototype.

When the design is ready, it is time to generate detailed product screens and UI patterns. Standards for all platforms and devices are determined to create a consistent experience across all devices.

Step 5: Test, validate and seek feedback.

I conduct informal and formal usability tests throughout the process to monitor valuable user feedback. I also work in close collaboration with the team for their opinion.


Step 6: Update and handover.

Update screens according to the feedback provided by the team. Once all is set, let’s toast to that and ready to handover to the development engineering team.

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